Thursday, October 4, 2007

in a bit of a frump

I'm not entirely sure how to describe how I'm feeling this week, and I feel a bit presumptuous to vent too much, since there's hope still with two remaining days.

Firstly, I've been involved in quite a few knitting-themed swaps over the summer. Since I discovered that knitting and crochet themed swaps actually exist (many are hosted by bloggers themselves) I've signed up for quite a few and swapped my heart out. (Naive of me to think that this would also be a great way to advertise a bit my ebay and etsy businesses, but I don't think that brought a whole lot of traffic, but that's neither here nor there.)

What has bothered me especially is twofold: one swap that I was invoved in, not to sound too selfish I hope, I felt that my swappee fairly much held back and I received not even the minimal requirements of that swap, and not only that, but I received items in it that are of no use to me. In this case, what I couldn't use, I gave to someone else whom I knew could use it, but I still felt a bit drafted by it.

Secondly, I'm still waiting on a swap package that I should've received back by the end of August. Again, not wanting to sound greedy (because I'm not) but I've never understood the logic behind voluntairally signing up for something and just not following through with it. If there's even a sneaking thought that there's a fiber of a chance that you can't get involved in something like a swap, then don't do it. But the good news from this one is that I've received an email saying that the package - despite being late (with apologies, thankyouverymuch) had been sent. Hopefully it'll get here tomorrow.

I suppose, after all that, I'm going into this sort of thing a bit more naively. I'll be holding off on the whole swap thing for a while, since I've been burned a teeny bit already, although it could be because I've been overwhelmed with other things that stuff like this may get under my skin a bit more than it needs to.

Phew. Venting's out. All that being said, I'm thinking of hosting a read-and-knit-along via a new blog in the new year, to save from hosting a swap. Kind of like a book-club-stitch-n-bitch-sort-of-thing, although I'm still processing the details of how I want to do it, and a book list to post as well.

Now, what would a thread be w/o me posting a few pictures? Below are:

a matt WIP with crochet sushi...

And something I call my 'grunge blanket' because it reminds me of grunge-music-era sweaters:
Despite my quantity of yarn, I realized about 3/4 of the way into it that I hadn't enough yarn to make the size throw I wanted, so it's in the process of being frogged and reknit into something else grunge-themed.

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kathleen said...

Now a knitalong - I could get into that, if I have the pattern! I've been fried on the swap thing, too, so I tend to steer clear of them. But a knitalong - YES!