Thursday, April 19, 2007

it's ALIVE! run for the hills!

Dontcha just love a garden that doesn't need any help from you to grow? Just a little global warming, the occasional plop of bird poop, and the miracle of life just blooms away, all on its own! Mother Nature gives birth to another growing season!

Now, mind you, this isn't the blooming almond and cherry trees that my parents have, being in the south of France and all, but my pittery little Canadian garden is doin' a suberb job of growing a nice healthy layer of colourful goat food!

The first two pics are these fantastic purple and yellow flowers that show up and wave hello every spring, the weird red stemmed attempt-of-a-plant is rhubarb, the artichoke looking thing I'm sure will turn into a flower, and that plop of what-looks-like-grass is, in fact, garlic. Mmmmmm garlic.


Mere said...

LOVE all the GREEN!!! Great pics!!!


kathleen said...

Wah, I just wish I HAD a garden...all I have is a couple of clay pots and one lone ivy that has so far survived dog love. Thanks for the great photos!