Friday, August 8, 2014

send in the clowns...

A few years ago, DH and I started the adoption process through public adoption. We've taken in a handful of foster kids via foster relief (essentially, taking care of foster kids while foster parents were on vacation, so we had kids for a few days to a couple weeks at a time) in the meantime. Thankfully, though, after about 4 years of waiting, we took in a little boy last October. He was about a year old when he came to us, still as a foster child. He did become a crown ward back in January, but the birth family is appealing the decision, so we're still waiting for all that to finish (still) before we can start signing the adoption papers - which we hope to start this month.

He's an absolute joy to be around, and we're so happy to have him! The waiting to sign the papers, though, is tedious, but it'll start soon enough, so there's hope. 

That being said, I of course have been doing a fair amount of knitting for him. I've knit him a toy for a gift for last xmas, and a cabled cotton vest for spring/summer wear. I've started, yesterday, to knit Mr Fortywinks - a Jean Greenhowe pattern that I've had in my collection for a little while. I just have the legs started:
 My MiL found a few booklets of Jean Greenhowe toy patterns, which I've been meaning to start ages ago, but I've now gt a good excuse to start one. It should be a fairly big snuggley clown - and it'll eat up a lot of this Bernat Satin yarn that I've got stored in a big bag.