Sunday, June 5, 2011

CT$ progress

I'm progressing nicely with my CT$ fundraising... just passing the $30 mark, and getting to $35 isn't going to be a problem I don't think by the 28th.

I've decided, with whatever extra CT$ I receive between now and then, I'm going to put it to some benificial use. There are a few charity possibilities to put it towards. I can donate excess $ towards Canadian Tire's collection already in store, for whatever it is that they collect money for. I also know a friend whose daughters were actively in Girl Guides growing up, and she still has friends who have daughters going through Guides, and some of these girls manage to go to camp (thanks to the generosity of their cookie sales, I suppose) but can't afford tents - so buying a tent at CT using the extra $ I get (plus of course paying the balance myself, no problem) and donating it to a girl who gets to go to camp would be awesome. Alternatively there's also shelters that always accept donations of whatever, so excess CT$ can purchase something that then can be donated there as well would come in handy too.

Anyway, there's an endless list of possibilities. I'm of course still collecting the CT$, for the google eyes previously mentioned 2 posts ago, so check that out. Alternatively, there's also my facebook fanpage for my shop: - check that out, there's a listing somewhere there, posted recently, for earrings available only through my fanpage in exchange for $5 in CT$ (1 pair) or $8 in CT$ (2 pairs).

On the condition, of course, that the CT$ is received before June 28th... and with Canada Post maybe or may not be on whatever strike they're on, who knows how much slower the mail will take, but let's hope for the best nonetheless.

ETA: Thanks to friends and ravelry purchases of google eyes, I was able to raise just under $42, so that's pretty cool! Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

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