Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seven Year Itch (totally improvised!) sweater for myself!

I can't believe that I finally finished knitting a sweater for myself! Woo hoo!

Last September, DH & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary - and one of the traditional wedding gifts for the 7th year is wool, so DH quite wonderfully gifted me a gift card to knitpicks. :) I bought some Wool of Andes yarn in Winter Night, used a cable design from Cables & Arans by Erika Knight for the sleeves, and improvised away.
 The whole thing is seamless in a sense - the decreases make it look like I've knit the sleeves in seperate peices, when in fact it was all joined together in a yoke-sweater fashion. I officially finished it very early Saturday morning (at 2:30am!) and it has been blocking for the rest of the weekend!


dandelionpicker said...

So cute! I love the cables on this one! The color looks great on you :)

Mark de Zabaleta said...

Excellent !

Tammy said...

This is just beautiful I hope to some day make me a sweater the color is so pretty on you :) Happy Knitting