Friday, October 1, 2010

kids with unique names

I've been in the ravelry posting forums and etsy chat frequently, and I've noticed lately a lot of people venting about names being given to children; specifically complaining about 'original' and 'unique' names, and how strange they are.

Well, get over it.

I love unique names. In fact, the more unique the better. The idea that kids are going to wind up developing a complex because of their name, is rediculous. If a child is given confidence, it won't make a lick of difference what their name happens to be.

Frequently kids are taught to be unique, to be individuals, and to not fall into peer pressures and follow a crowd. Why does that not apply to their names as well? Why do they have to be one of five Brian's or Shawn's or Kelly's that's in their class?

Quite frankly, I felt bad for kids in my younger classes who had to be refered to as Beth A. and Beth B., or Adam H. and Adam K., because it was tough enough to tell them apart because they were stuck with the same name. Even when I was 17 and spent the summer working up north, there were 4 girls with the same name, who wound up having to go by different names, which was confusing at first for them. Simply because they were stuck with such common names.

Now, truthfully, there's nothing wrong with a common name either. But please, adults, whether you're parents or not, quit bitching about a kid given a name that's not the 'norm'. If that kid is going to develop a complex about their name, it's not because they brought it onto themselves, it's because of people like you weirding them out because they're a bit more unique.

Pick your battles. A kid's name is not that big of a deal. I actually applaud any parent who gives their child any sense of individuality.


The Beast Herself said...

Right on! I completely agree! My name is Virginia and while I did get teased some because it's an older style kind of name, there was never any classroom confusion. And I've gotten to play around with nicknames-- I would definitely say having this cool name has helped me along in being unconventional and unique. :)

Echo said...

I will be the first to say, IT DOESN"T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS! so long as your parents treat you the same as if your name were Brittany or Daniel. My name is Echo, my sister's is Shadow, and we have turned out fine. A bit stubborn and opinionated if noting else. Yes, we were teased, yes we were bullied for our names, HOWEVER, it made us stronger, not weaker. There is no complex other than becoming a stronger person, knowing how to defend ourselves, and how to help others who were being bullied or feeling trodden upon.

knitphomaniac said...

My name happens to be Sabrina - and I've always loved it. I love even more that there's a classic movie (and a great remake!) with the same name. It's a bit different. I've always loved that I was unique in this way.