Monday, May 24, 2010

trying, once again, to get published in knitty

Why is getting published in knitty, of all places, a slight obsession of mine? I've no idea. It's just something that a part of me feels I need to accomplish.

I haven't blogged about this all that much, if at all (I'm not prepared to reread my entire blog to look for this info) ... but I've submitted a number of patterns to them and have yet to get something published. Now, if I were able to design a pair of socks or a sweater or a shawl or something lacey, maybe that would get my foot in the door. But, I'm not a sock designer, nor do I have patience to knit lace (let alone design something) ... and designing a whole entire sweater is just arduous. Possible, but much too time consuming. And, truthfully, shawls are really not my style, plus they fall under the "Why I Don't Knit Lace" rational. (Ignore, of course, the latest {and only} shawl I've knit for myself ... that was done in exception, since I'm attending a wedding this summer, it would be appropriate to wear there.)

Besides, I love more instant gratification projects. I love scarves and hats and mittens. My affinity for scarves is the reason why I wanted to learn to knit in the first place. I know that knitty has published many non-sock, non-lace, non-sweater, non-shawl items. So, the question is, am I ever going to be able to create something knitty-worthy?

Well, I love cables. If you haven't noticed already, I knit cables into as many things as I possibly can. I wonder if I could put together a scarf or hat or wrist warmers with a fun and different cable pattern, that could get published?

I was inspired last night, while watching tv, to cast on another scarf onto my knitting needles. Despite it being May, despite the warm weather, I'm knitting ahead for the cool weather. Plus, the current deadline for the next issue is July 15th, for the October issue. Fingers crossed, I can come up with something that appeals to the knitty editors.