Friday, February 5, 2010

my house is shaking!

For the past year or so, my immediate neighborhood has been going through some repairs - the water and sewage pipes are being replaced. My street is the last on the list to get these repairs and updates.

For the last week, there has been tractors and trucks and costruction guys up and down my street, digging things up, filling things in, digging things up again. Every time there's digging, shovelling, drilling, and refilling, my house (as well as other homes, I'm sure) shakes! It's unnerving.

Granted, it's not like it feels like I'm in an earthquake or anything, but my glasses and mugs rattle, I can just hear the house shudder at each move of the machines outside. A part of me sometimes expects my roof to cave in! Ugh.

Today's Friday. I hope that they finish doing the major work today.

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