Thursday, December 17, 2009

finally finished - DH's sweater!

I started knitting this sweater back in May... and because I was distracted with knitting my brother's Lebowski sweater and other projects, this got pushed off more and more.

Had I stuck with it, it would've been done for DH's birthday @ the end of June, but it has now become an xmas gift! (He of course knows about it, because he has seen me work on it... but he can't have it until actual xmas!) I also got him some other items, which are a surprise, which will all be gifted with the sweater!

In case anyone's curious, the pattern is Aran Pullover, from the book Knitting with Balls by Michael del Vecchio... love this pattern!


Linda said...

Excellent sweater! Congratulations on the completion. I'm sure your hubby will think it's worth the wait. Mine is very patiently waiting for his sweater but I think it will be a new year sweater rather than Christmas due to the fact that I had to re-knit the entire body due to stupidity on my part. ; (

CrochetDad said...

Beautiful! I will look for that book!