Friday, August 14, 2009

according to the online Urban Dictionary...

... for what it's worth... although I think that people contribute to that for the sake of contributing... but it's slightly hilarious. The word "knit" has been revised into slang.

I'm not going to bother copy/pasting everything, but some of these definitions are hilarious. Find out what it truly means to knit a brown scarf (although I'm sure you can guess), or my favourite to knit cookies, or to knit-knit, a more traditional definition to a Knitting Pattern, lol on Knitted Underwear, oh and my favourite: the 1st definition of knitting is a hoot.

Btw... maybe I'll be courageous enough one day to whip up some knitfitti ~ and I love the definition of knitcore, maybe I'll get that on a mug.

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