Monday, June 15, 2009

bat & bird house

FIL has been talking about - for @ least a year now - making a bat house for the back yard for their (FIL & MIL's) place up at Wasaga Beach, which backs on to the Nottawasaga River. So, since this past weekend we were celebrating FIL's birthday & father's day together (along with DH's birthday, which is @ the end of the month), DH and I constructed this bird and bat house. (pictured right). The instructions for it can be found here.

This was so much fun to construct, and we added the bat in front (self designed) ourselves at the end; only the bat and roof of the birdhouse was made of cedar, the rest was made from ... well, I forget which kind of wood it was, but it was bought at Rona. Just did one coat of waterbased stain, to protect it a little from the elements!

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