Thursday, May 14, 2009

am I crazy?!?

I think I've officially gone bananas, starting up a sweater when the warm weather kicks in! lol...
My MIL bought this Aran with Wool yarn while she was in Ireland - 2 skeins, and enough to make a sweater, with the thinking of making something possibly for DH. This was like 2 years ago, and I've finally cast on.
I love the Aran Pullover pattern in the Knitting With Balls book, partially because the sweater looks awesome, and also partially because the guy modelling it is kinda hot. Plus, DH likes the sweater too.
Granted that the sweater calls for a worsted yarn, and I'm using aran weight (is it ironic that a non-aran weight yarn is being used for an aran sweater?!?) I'm still following it as is, because the tension is close enough, plus it'll come out a teeny bit bigger. According to a lot of people on ravelry, the sweather is a bit narrow anyway, so this slightly bigger tension will likely help.
Phew, let's see how long this takes me to knit!

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Linda said...

I love that pattern. Good luck with the knitting. I am sorry every time I start a sweater for my DH because it seems to take forever. It is a lot bigger than anything for me, but it's also that I have always knitted cotton sweaters for him and my hands get tired of that kind of knitting after a while.