Monday, March 9, 2009

PIF- paying it forward

I will rarely post items I have for sale in my etsy shop, so this is an exception.

I've got this afghan, which is hand crocheted - it's been marked down, and I've also marked down the shipping by at least 2/3's so it'll hopefully move faster.

If it sells during this current listing, I'll be donating $75 of the sale to, and as that loan gets repaid, I'll continue circulating that $75 into the site as a lone over and over. It's a way of my paying forward some of the kindness that others have shown me, and I want to be able to contribute to others as well in a random act of kindness.

And, the bonus for the person who buys it is that they both have the satisfaction of knowing they're helping, as well as being able to snorgle into a good comfy blanket!

If you've a chance, please check it out.

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