Sunday, December 28, 2008

moderately wasted baking

The tradition has been, in my side of the family, for Christmas, is to have 13 dishes for the main holiday meal, and 13 desserts. One of those two traditions belongs to the Polish part of my family, and the other belongs to either the French or Italian part of my family, I forget which is which. Since DH and I were in charge of desserts @ my SIL's, then we thought to bring13 desserts.

So, as I posted the other day, DH and I spent two days baking in preparatin for this. We made 3 different kinds of cookies, DH whipped up some eggnog flavoured tapioca (which turned out awesome) and to go along with his family's tradition, we served pie and ice cream as two of the desserts. To fill in the balance of the 13 desserts, we brought over some chocolates and nougat that my parents have care-packaged to us from France.

Now, I must post at this point that I did tell everyone way in advance that 13 desserts were coming that night. And I even strongly hinted that if not all the desserts were at least tried, that I'd be disappointed.

Well, the chocolates went. DH's tapioca was mostly gone. The inlaw's traditional pie and ice cream was eaten. All the cookies I baked though - and I do mean all 3 dozen plus (with the exception of 3 cookies, mind you) were uneaten. Granted, we did have a big meal, as always at Christmas, but I hate the fact that I wasted 3 days baking and none of it was eaten.

I hate to sound like a sourpuss during the holidays, because I am grateful for the time I spent with my inlaws, especially since my parents and brother live out of the country and I miss spending the holidays with them. And I did get some fantastic gifts for the holidays nonetheless.

But I'm just so disappointed that I wasted all that energy in trying to incorporate my family's tradition, and wasted all that time making things from scratch, and the stuff made from scratch was the stuff uneaten.

Ugh, well, it's out now. Oh well. Unto the next holiday.

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