Tuesday, September 16, 2008

changing layout, and another pair of knucks

I've finally gotten around to changing the layout of my blog - I was tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, and considering it's been well over a year since its last change, it was due. So there, it's done.

I've also managed to finish another pair of knucks:
Again, knit with about 3/4's of a skein of Patons Kroy sock yarn in 'Burnished Sierra Stripes' - I picked it up because it looks Halloweeny. I've found some thicker yarn (different brand) that's a similar colourway, that I'll make some sort of hat from, but I'm waiting for it to arrive - I've ordered it from Europe off of ebay, so... maybe this week it'll get here? Anyway, nonetheless, these are done.
Naturally I changed the pattern again - for the life of me I can't figure out the cuff pattern (I think I'm just too dense to figure it out) so I left 42 sts around the cuff instead of doing the last decrease, and did a k3, p1 ribbing around, which fits really well. I think I need to invest in whatever the yarn is that's recommended for the pattern - Paton's Kroy, as much as I love using it, seems a teeny bit too thin to work with, and there's some slight stretching due to the tension being a wee bit thinner than what it should be.
Next time. Must remember for next time. Of course, it's what I thought last time, but forgot. :P

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