Thursday, June 5, 2008

hating WIP's, but I'm always in the middle of a project...

I'm currently, as we speak, knitting the second heal of these awesome flame socks using my Knit Picks order yarn that I received a few days ago, and another WIP I've on the go is an Illusion Scarf that looks like piano keys (queuable free ravelry download as 'Counterpoint Scarf') to which I have yet to finish just one pattern repeat. Two WIP's on the go - something that I rarely do, but now, for some reason.... !

I've got a bit of a full house this week. My mom's still here for a few more days from France, a friend of hers from Ottawa is also visiting until Sunday, and my brother's also home from work for a few more days. So we're running around trying to keep everyone occupied; I keep forgetting how stressful it is to have this many people in the house, not that I dislike the company!

Saturday morning we're also having a garage sale at my grandmother's house. It's a plan I made with her a couple months ago. She's planning on moving into a retirement home within the next couple years, so she's getting rid of some things, plus we've got a few boxes of things we can get rid of too, as does my uncle and mom, so it's a huge garage sale all done in one driveway. Fingers crossed, I hope it doesn't rain that morning!

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