Friday, November 16, 2007

november's just not my month for blogging

It's obvious that my blogging skills this month are sucking, but despite my lack of "Look What I Knit!" posts, trust me I have been knitting. Much of what I've made, though, is christmas gifts, which won't be posted in my blog because the recipients of those gifts may be reading.

Ravelry has been draining much of my time. I've finally got it all figured out, and have been adding to my notebook like mad. I've also started 2 groups - one is Read Knit Cook (which is a monthly read-knit/crochet-cook-along group) and the other is a Sweater A Month Club, which ambitionally anticipates not only having a sweater knit within a month, but my personal goal is to make 12 sweaters within 1 calender year, as of January. (Good Luck!)

So, I'm also dying to see my copy of that Anticraft book I was published in (check out my sidebar) - as a perk of being one of the contributors, I get a free copy of the book! As it turns out, according to theanticraft's blog, some have received notice from the publishing company that their copy is on the way, and hopefully soon, mine will be too!

And, last but not least, my kitchen renovations will be coming to an end, officially, this coming weekend. Everything's patched up, and many of my inlaws are coming over tomorrow to help us paint not only the kitchen but our living room too, since now it's pretty much all one big room! (Thanks to that wall being torn down!)

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