Thursday, February 8, 2007

more beads, more yarn markers

Last December I had made a post of yarn markers I made of beads. As a teenager - before I learned how to knit, I did wicked amounts of beading crafts; but since I picked up sticks, beading had been put aside.
Lately though, I've been making it a point to go through my crafting stash and use up what I have. Last December's post talked about rekindling my love of beading and incorporating it into my love of knitting, which I did again this month. My beads became a new collection of yarn markers.
I adore shells, and I love the look of glass beads because they look like they're recycled bits of glass that were drilled for beading. And, of course, as a wanna-be-hippie teen, much of what I wore jewelery-wise was made of hemp. I thought that incorporating shells, glass, and hemp together made a really cool ropes-in-the-ocean kind of effect, which inspired many of these peices.
These fit knitting needle sizes anywhere from 7mm to 15mm, so it's a good variety for all sizes of knitting, and available for sale via my ebay store.

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